Channel your energies and achieve boundless good fortune with the amazing power that this amulet brings to you.

Wealthy people have been using magic amulets throughout the ages to attract good fortune.  Champion athletes use them to enhance their athletic abilities.  Healers use magic amulets to amplify their curative abilities.  Now it's your turn to benefit from this power.  Imagine what it would be like to:

*  Make as much money as you could possibly want and live a life of total luxury.

*  Be able to donate generously to charities.

*  Have exactly the life you want....leisure, vacations, adventure, wonderful friends and companions

*  Go to our Ebooks page for reasonably priced special selections chosen specifically    to help with creating abundance.  Use one or more with your medallion and make magick happen!

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Here's what you get when you order your Magick Money Magnet Medallion:

  **  The medallion itself, powerful and beautiful, waiting to direct your psychic
         energy  into wealth.

    **  A complete set of instructions.  Click here for a preview.

    **  A beautiful violet drawstring pouch to hold and protect your talisman. 
         See it here.

    **  Permanent listing in our eternal scroll of good deeds.  This in itself has              
        amazing power to attract wealth.

    **  Subscribe to our prosperity newsletter, which gives you information and
         stories about changing your life for the better.

    **  After you purchase, you will have access to our Free Ebook Download Page.
        There you will find classic titles, such as "Think and Grow Rich", to help you
        enter  the world of prosperity and wealth.  See the choices below.

Did you know this?  British researchers say having a lucky charm can make you feel more self confident thus boosting your odds for achieving your dreams!

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Remember, the power of the Magick Money Magnet Medallion is how it cooperates with you to harness your vast psychic powers.  On its own, it is simply a beautifully crafted ornament.

Once in your possession, it becomes a power house of psychic energy aligning you in new directions of prosperity thinking and is an amplifier of your wealth energy!

Learn how the medallion came to be, why it works and how to change your life.

As a special gift,  after you purchase your Magick Medallion, we give you access to our downloads page where you may choose from several prosperity themed ebooks, all absolutely FREE! 

Choose any or all of these timeless classics and bring the prosperity you desire into your life!

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Achieve love, wealth and good fortune with this powerful prosperity talisman!
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NOW ONLY $7.97
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